Neapolitan Pizza Process

It’s not recipe post worthy yet….but getting better

Pizza #2

A celiac’s kryptonite but manna from heaven for the rest of us. What’s not to love about a good pizza? Making pizza at home always seemed like an exercise in futility. Is it possible to match the greatness of Tony’s in San Fran, Grimaldi’s in NY or Cane Rossa in Dallas? Likely not, but I am going to try.

I have scoured the internet for recipes and even armed myself with 00 Italian flour and yeast. However, out of the gate I am handicapped because I don’t have a wood/coal fired oven or even a Green Egg that gets me over 500 degrees.

Several attempts in to this and I can say I am getting better. My sauce is close, the dough flavor is there. Making the dough and cooking it have been my challenge. Tried it on the grill… was a disaster due to that high gluten flour and no pizza paddle. I basically heaved it onto the pizza stone at 500 degrees so it bunched up in places and had no thickness consistency. Also I tried the preheated oven at 500 for 30mins.

When I get it figured out better I will happily share some recipes. I am growing some sourdough starter to experiment with crust flavors.

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