Jalapeno Popper (Goat Cheese, Cheddar, Salami)

Jalapeno Popper

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Jalapeno Popper
Jalapeno Popper

Jalapeno Popper stuffed with Goat cheese, Salami and sharp cheddar.

I had some extra jalapenos so while roasting my chicken, I decided to make a few poppers.
We had some Texas Goat Cheese and Salami from our pizza experiments so diced the salami up very finely and combined it with a tbs of goat cheese. I also cut a strip of Cheddar cheese the length of the pepper.

Cut the top off the jalapeno and hollow out the insides (remove seed and membrane as they contain most of the heat).
Insert your stick of cheddar and then pack in the goat cheese mixture into the pepper.

Roast until done. As you can see I used the same 400 degree oven I had my chicken in.

Jalapeno Popper
Jalapeno Popper

up close jalapeno popper
up close jalapeno popper

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