Red River Texas Whiskey

Jem Beverage Company
Red River Texas Whiskey

Red River Whiskey
Red River Whiskey

My wife and I loved (now closed) this dive bar in Dallas called Tried & True. (same guys of NHS Bar & Grill They had this killer pimento cheese with saltine crackers that I topped with Tabasco. Needless to say a pimento cheese recipe will be perfected and posted soon. They had an extensive Whiskey list and specifically Texas Whiskey. We would order some pimento cheese and enjoy flights of Texas Whiskey. At the time, two stood out to me Red River and TX Blended Whiskey. Let’s focus on TX Blended first.

Frankly their website sucks from the informative perspective, for example they don’t describe flavor profiles etc. They do claim small batch only with focus on quality over quantity. I tried the Whiskey and really thought it was smooth. Good bite with a mild finish. Not wildly fruity. Really nice stuff.

You should give them a try. They have Canadian and Rye blends as well.

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