Feta Elote with Tajin

Feta Elote with Tajin


Corn is just so darn cheap and sweet in the summer. When I fire up the grill, it’s hard not to buy corn and throw it on.   Typical Elote has mayo and would be damn fine with Dukes but I decided to lighten it up a bit with sour cream. (you could use plain yogurt too).   I also didn’t have Cojita cheese on hand so when with Feta.   Finally you can play around with Elote but I think you almost always need to have “Tajin” seasoning. It’s a Mexican favorite that combines chili powder with lime juice so it has this unmistakably unique sweetness. At the top of the bottle it even has a label that reads “This is not a candy”.


Roast your corn on a grill or skillet. I like mine black.   Squeeze a little lime juice and spread some sour cream to your liking. Top it with feta cheese and Tajin seasoning.


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