Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel Irish Whiskey


One Friday night at our local bar we were belly up to the bar shooting the breeze with bartenders and we were next to a guy who I overheard order a Jameson with a side glass of pickle juice. This prompted a conversation. Interesting guy who owns a hair salon and had a host of stories including knowing a branch of the Manziel family who frequented cock fights in Oklahoma. Well stayed for a bit and enjoyed Jameson, pickle juice and colorful yarns.

Some of our friends had a summer trip to Ireland and returned with a bite from from Jameson bug. So strolling the whiskey aisle I noticed this bottle and picked it up. Bottles and any label change draw me off sides fairly easily. Put “reserve” “select” or any comment about the unique barrel… Ill take two.

Jameson is good stuff so it was no surprise that this was a really smooth, sweet drink with a proper burn. I think this is best neat or maybe with a splash of water or small cube of ice.

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