Cheddar Fries (Snuffers)

Cheddar Fries


One of the more iconic foods in Dallas is the filthy cheddar fries from Snuffer’s. You can get them with green onions, bacon bits, and jalapenos to amp up the heat and the calories. Today was one of the best college football weekends in years. My Ags were getting their asses handed to them so instead of turning to Whiskey so early in the day I decided to turn to food. Seemed like a burger cheddar fries kinda of day.

Super easy but certainly not Snuffer’s worthy but they hit the spot.  Also, I didn’t make my own fries so likely saved a few calories and sacrificed some flavor but I had to get it done at halftime.


Store bought fries
Block of Sharp Cheddar Cheese (grated)
Kosher Salt
Fine ground black pepper
Ground Onion
Ground Garlic
Slap Ya Mama (Seasoning)

Bake your fries per the package until well done. Season well and put a layer in foil and top with cheese and then add another layer of fries and add cheese and top with a little more seasoning. Bake until bubbly.


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