Whiskey Moon Cocktail

Whiskey Moon Cocktail

Ordered my cocktail recipe book from Death & Company. http://www.deathandcompany.com/ What a great book full of great cocktails from the guys who push the boundaries while honoring the classics. It’s laid out well and honors a lot of their regulars. It’s laid out well and gives you a lot of ideas of pairing spirits and fruits.

Tonight we were having a Bahn Mi so wanted to compliment it with something fun and sweet. I saw a cocktail in the Death&Co Bible where they combined Red Wine, Whiskey and Orange. Almost a Whiskey Sangria type concoction. I didn’t have everything they listed so departed from their recipe.

It worked out well though and we actually made a second.

Each Cocktail
1.5 oz Red Handed Whiskey
1 oz White Wine (Dry and crisp)
1 oz Orange Liquor
Juice of half a lime
squirt of honey
orange slice for garnish

Combine and mix until honey dissolves and then add ice if you don’t the honey will freeze up.


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