Fish Stick with Tarragon Aioli

Fish Sticks with Tarragon Aioli

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Fish Sticks with Tarragon Aioli
Fish sticks were always a childhood favorite. Crispy,not too fishy, and smothered in ketchup. Heck it probably wasn’t fish but rather a mystery protein with fish flavoring. I have a few fish recipes in the queue. The aioli is adapted from Food52 (poster sdebrango). Instead of making the mayo, I just used Dukes Mayo and infused some garlic oil in it.

Jill has an interesting day teed up so I am going into full comfort mode for this evening. Fish sticks and stove top mac and cheese.

Cod cut into strips
2 eggs
Old Bay Seasoning
Slap Ya Mama
Kosher Salt
Salt and Pepper
Oil for frying

Tarragon Aioli
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbs of olive oil
3 tbs of Dukes Mayo
1 lime juiced and zested
1tbs of Tarragon
Kosher Salt and Pepper
1. Aioli – infuse the oil by adding crushed garlic to the oil and heat it up slowly and then turn off the heat and let the garlic and oil steep. The longer the better. When cooled blend everything up and Salt and Pepper to taste.

2. Beat your eggs. Season your Panko with Old Bay, SlapYaMama, Salt and Pepper. Cut your fish into sticks. Dip into the wet (eggs) and then Panko and then fry in oil on medium heat. Work in batches and set aside. If you need to keep them warm put them into an oven at 100-200 degrees.

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