Mysterious Ke TX Distilled 500yr old Irish Whiskey recipe and process

Ke Whiskey


Made a run to the liquor store and saw a handmade sign on the door that cited “mysterious spirits”. Walked up to the display and noticed three bottles: vodka, whiskey and tequilia. Typically when I see a new brand and they are hustling three distinct spirits I pass. Looked on the back to see where it was distilled and to my surprise Ft.Worth, TX. Add to cart.

While hecking out,  my main gal Muja told me the owner came by and raved about what a nice guy he is. She said that he had a 500 year old Irish distilling process he rediscovered.  Their website is where you can hear Mr. Barry talk about finding this Ke process that his ancestors created to take young whiskey and turn it into tasting as if it was fully mature. Mr. Barry talked about going back to Ireland and meeting up with a distant relative and trying it out. He then brought the Ke process and recipes back and started distilling in Texas.

So I am not sure how long it has aged but if in fact it is a young whiskey, it sure doesn’t drink like one. Which is how he keeps the price reasonable.  It has a nice caramel color. Good bite up front that lasts. Has tobacco undertones that mirror Jack Daniels. I drank it neat while making dinner last night. Good stuff.

Check out Mr. Barry’s Mysterious Ke Spirits. I plan on trying his Vodka and Tequila too.


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