21 Day Body Makeover


Jill and I decided to detox before the holidays start up. I listen to The Ticket radio station and there is a guy on there who is a fitness expert George DiGianni who has a program on Sunday mornings. He teamed up with a doctor and came up with a detox or whole body makeover program that consists of their supplements complimented with a clean food program along with an exercise program. Some of the radio guys have done it and talk on air about how much better they feel, not to mention the weight loss side effect.

I ordered it from Amazon and George actually called me this morning to make sure I had everything. You can also order from his website http://www.21bodymakeover.com. It’s pricey but considering how much I am saving on alcohol it’s a good deal.

The idea is to give the body a break and flush out all of the toxins. Essentially hit the “restart” button. Lately I have been feeling like candida has gone wild inside me not to mention I could use some lbs and get in better shape.

So for the next 21 days I will provide recipes that I am making with a some tips about the progress for those who are doing something similar. I know there are a lot of Gluten Free, Paleo, Weight watchers folks out there so this next 21 days is for you.

My whiskey drinking, cheese and bread eating friends can come back in 22 days.

Looking forward to seeing what happens.


2 thoughts on “21 Day Body Makeover”

    1. Yeah. Lost weight and felt better overall. Feel like it was a good reset button that I likely ruined since I finished the program 🙂 I have tried to cut my gluten even though it may not look like it with the recent posts


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