Cedar Plank Salmon


Salmon gets a bad rap. Candidly growing up having those canned salmon croquettes definitely stunted the salmon cause for those of us growing up in the 70/80s. Coming home from school or practice and opening the door to smell of pier 47 was instant dred. Northern Pacific coast people wouldn’t understand our landlocked middle america seafood plight. Let’s just say ketchup was the only reason those babies made it down.

Somehow despite my salmon beginnings I ended up liking it a lot when it is properly honored protein (fresh). When cooked well…low and slow to medium – medium rare it just works. If you ever see “white stuff” seeping from your filet you are cooking it too hot. Think of that fat as tears.

I bought some cedar planks and sprinkle several types of spices on top and eat it for lunch by itself or in a salad or sandwich. Love the stuff. Light and easy.

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