Pizza Progress

Pizza Process

So I have blogged a few times about my attempt to find my “go to” pizza crust recipe. Me and dough have a love hate relationship. The dough plays hard to get for sure. My pizza crust goal is to make something similar to Campisi’s or il Fratelli’s. It’s a thin crust that isn’t quite cracker and seemingly has more fat or less rise.

I have tried Bobby’s Flay’s crust, Jamie Oliver’s and decided to give Tyler Florence’s a try given my luck with his Carolina Pulled Pork recipe. He essentially uses a 00 flour that is high gluten and therefore high elasticity. My struggle remains getting it thin enough. The taste is fine and even good but I want to get my dough technique down before I start fine tuning the taste of the crust.

One thing I tried this time was rolling it out on an oil rubbed pizza pan and putting it directly on my pizza stone. It was pretty chilly the other night so I probably should have turned it sooner but we like our pie “well done”.

Definitely making strides but still not there yet.

Before the oven

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