BBQ Chicken Baked Potato

BBQ Chicken Baked Potato
Not that it’s rocket science but Jill and I perfected the baked potato several years ago. Perfectly salted and peppered skin with a perfectly pillow soft inside that begs for your favorite potato toppings. We sometimes get these BBQ brisket potatoes from a local joint so naturally when staring in fridge I saw chicken and some left over BBQ sauce that I made for my Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches. I also had some pimento cheese left over from my chicken biscuits. Sounded like a winner.

2 Idaho Potatoes
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Olive Oil
2 chicken breasts
Fresh Shredded Cheese
Sour Cream

BBQ Sauce (See my Carolina Pulled Pork Recipe)
Pimento Cheese (see my Pimento Cheese Chicken Biscuit Recipe)

1. The perfect baked potato……scrub and wash your potatoes and pat them dry. Stab them with an ice pick or fork to the core. Maybe 10 stabs or so. Rub with olive oil and liberally sprinkle on Kosher salt and Pepper on the outside. In a 400 degree oven, nestle each potato on a piece of oil (but don’t wrap it) Put the potato directly on the oven rack. The foil is only there to keep from dripping in your oven. So you could also just put the potato on the rack and place a pan underneath to collect any drippings. Roast the potato for 50mins without touching it or checking on it. Perfection. IMG_9072

2. For my chicken I sliced two chicken breasts into bite sized pieces and then salted and peppered them with a little chili powder. In a medium heated skillet and I cooked them until both sides were browned. I then lowered the heat and poured in my BBQ sauce and let the chicken simmer while my potatoes roasted.

3. Once the potato was done I split them and scooped out the insides and folded it with some sour cream, cheddar cheese and about a cup of pimento cheese. I mixed it well and put it back into potato skins and topped with BBQ chicken and a little cheddar cheese.

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