Chicken Pad Thai

Chicken Pad Thai

I love Pad Thai almost as much as I love Tikka Masala. Love trying to experiment with the various sauces to try and get that balance of sweet and heat. This one is pretty darn close. Jill said it rivaled any she has had from a restaurant. Which really means nothing because you don’t know how often she eats and from what restaurants we buy our Pad Thai. 🙂

For those who haven’t tried Pad Thai it’s a noodle dish with al dente rice noodles that are lighter than your pasta noodles. Many of the sauces don’t include Soy Sauce but load up on the fish sauce. I find fish sauce a little strong so I usually do a 3:1 ratio on Soy to Fish Sauce. I also am heavy handed on the Sriracha and lighter handed on the sugar. I also didn’t have tamarind paste on hand so used white distilled vinegar to get that tang you need. Additionally I add more veggies and many of the dishes out there. Hence the “bonus” in the title. I also go with chicken but if you’re vegan you could lose the egg and add tofu. Also shrimp can replace chicken.


Package of Rice Noodles
2 Chicken breasts (marinated and cut into bite sized pieces)
1 Jalapeno (seeded and diced)
4 cloves of garlic (chopped)
Handful of carrots
Handful of purple cabbage
5 green onions (diced)
handful of cilantro
1/4 cup of chopped peanuts
5 tbs white vinegar
1 tbs fish sauce
3 tbs of soy sauce
5 tbs of brown sugar
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 tsp of cayenne
2 tbs of Sriracha
2 tbs Peanut oil
1 glug chili oil
2 eggs

1. Marinate your chicken overnight with a few glugs of soy, white vinegar, Sriracha and chili oil.

2. Chop your veggies, chicken, peanuts. Cook your noodles to al dente and then pour them into a colander and rinse with cool water to stop the cooking. Important not to over cook because they will go back into the pan. You don’t want mushy noodles. IMG_9270

3. Mix vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, brown sugar, cayenne and red pepper flakes. Mix until sugar is dissolved.

4. Okay… here we go. Large skillet with peanut oil, chili oil on medium heat. Add your chicken, carrots, the white parts of diced green onion and jalapenos. Cook until the chicken is browned and add the garlic and cook until softened (1 mins). Remove everything from the pan.IMG_9271

5. Add a little oil back to the empty pan and then add your scrambled eggs to the oil. Cook until firm. Stir in the chicken mixture, the noodles, sauce, red cabbage, the remaining green onions. When everything is well coated and combined top with cilantro and peanuts. Serve and top with Sriracha (optional).


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