Buffalo Blue Chicken Egg Rolls

Buffalo Blue Chicken Egg Rolls

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: medium
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Buffalo Blue Chicken Egg Rolls
Jill was traveling over the weekend and ended up stuck in Chicago due to their snow wallop. Given that I am the family traveler it’s me that is the one generally stuck or delayed. I was looking forward to picking her up and was planning to make her a nice “welcome home” gnocchi dish. Since that didn’t happen, I went dirty and dude on dinner and whipped up some buffalo chicken egg rolls.

Pretty darn tasty. You have the fresh carrots and purple cabbage with a blue cheese buffalo chicken mixture packed into a crunchy egg roll shell. Franks Red Hot is a must have in everyone’s pantry. I just love the vinegar, heat and blue cheese flavors.

So let me tell and show you how I did it.

2 chicken breasts (diced small)
Egg Roll Wrappers
5-6 green onions
Diced carrots
Diced purple cabbage
Cream Cheese
Blue Cheese
Franks Red Hot

1. I diced up the chicken breasts into small pieces. I also took the white and light green parts of the green onion and piled them into a pan on medium heat. Add a little oil.

2. Once the chicken and onion mixture is fully cooked, I added Franks Red Hot. Probably about 5 tbs. The idea is to cover the chicken and then let it simmer and reduce until fairly tight.

3. Once the chicken and red hot mixture is tight, turn off the heat and add blue cheese. Probably about 3 tbs. Stir it in until the mixture is mixed well. Let it cool.

4. Roll em up. My wrappers were not square so it was a little odd wrapping them. That said I am not that great at it even if they were square. I added carrots, purple cabbage, green onion and a little cream cheese.
Now add your cooled buffalo chicken blue cheese mixture.
Roll it up by taking one corner and wrapping it around the mixture. Wet the remaining corner with a water/flour mixture. Tuck the sides in and continue you roll until your wet edge sticks and finishes the roll.

5. I made a simple sauce by taking sour cream, a shot of ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles and some Franks Red Hot. Stir and chill while frying your rolls.

6. Finally in a medium high heated cast iron skillet cover the bottom in canola or peanut oil. Wait until it is near smoking hot. Add your rolls. These go quickly so baby sit them. I like mine crunchy and well done. If you want you can lower the heat to medium and cook longer.


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