Pepperoni Rolls (DoubleDave’s)

Pepperoni Rolls

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Pepperoni Rolls (DoubleDave’s)
As I mentioned before I went to university at Texas A&M a while back. While still a small town, the number of places to eat are exponentially greater than when I attended. La Taqueria, Chicken Oil Co, Dixie Chicken, Fajita Ritas, Grapevine, Toms BBQ, Deluxe, Freebirds, and DoubleDave’s were a few of the ole favs. Many of them have gone belly-up but one that is still kicking is DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks.

Now pizza is an obvious college food staple, and while DoubleDave’s makes pizza, they were known for their pepperoni rolls. They are rolled-up pizza dough stuffed with smoked provolone and pepperoni. You dip them into ranch and/or marinara sauce. I am an unabashed two saucer while Jill only dips red. DD’s franchised and have since expanded across Texas and even Oklahoma. We don’t have them in my neck of the woods, so when we go catch a game we always make a point to stop.

For business I took a trip to West Virgina and noticed that they had pepperoni rolls all over the place. They sold them in gas stations, restaurants etc.. They are more buttery than the DD’s version.

Jill was wanting pizza and I thought of DD’s and wanted to see if I could make a proper roll. These turned out well. I used a packaged crust instead of making my own and it had a buttery flavor similar to what I had in West Virgina and less chew than sturdy pizza dough. Had I not had DD’s,
I wouldn’t have noticed. Still a great snack or quick pizza like dinner.

Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza Dough
Smoked Provolone
Pizza Sauce

1. These are really simple so lay out your dough into a thin layer. As best you can, cut triangles. Mine don’t look that great and in fact look like ‘triangles by kindergartners”. IMG_9566

2. I put my pepperoni in a small sauce pan and warm them up and render out a little fat. Not a necessary step at all. I also then removed those pepperonis and put them on a paper towel and drained the pain of extra grease. To that pan I smashed a clove of garlic and added some olive oil to infuse it with garlic.

3. Ideally you will take your triangle and at the base place your smoked provolone and pepperonis and roll them up. Try to enclose the roll as best you can but truth be told when that cheese leaks out onto your pan it makes a lovely little crispy cheese bit.

Serve them up with marinara and ranch.

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