Bone Broth (trash to treasure?)

Bone Broth
Bone broth seems to be all the rage these days. Take Brodo in NYC, who sells cups of broth for $8.50 to fad crazed New Yorkers who claim it helps their complexion, joints, fight off colds/flus etc.. It’s literally like a Starbucks but instead of coffee they sell broths.

While digging into this fad, one thing in particular intrigued me. Turning my trash into treasure. Maybe the claims of bone broth being the next fountain of youth are bogus, but regardless I could turn what I normally through away into something usable. I mean broth is the base of most soups and sauces.

So I started taking all those vegetable parts that I normally throw away or might use for composting. (peppers, onions, mushroom ends, squash, cilantro stems etc…) and put the into a freezer bag. Also all those bones and skins from rotisserie chickens, egg shells, beef bones etc.. Once I filled two large freezer bags, it was time to cook. So all that “trash” goes into a large pot. Fill it to the top with water and bring to a boil. I let this go for about 6 hours. Topping off with water each hour.

I let it cool and then strained it. At this point you could pick out the veggies and compost them but I threw out everything and jarred it up on various sized jars. I put them in the freezer and have been using them in various items I have been cooking.

IF there was a “dislike” button, Jill would push it. I cooks and she cleans. She was less than thrilled with the mess I made. The stove was a mess, strainers, jars, spills etc…

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