Homemade Tandoor Oven

Homemade Tandoor Oven

While poking around some sites looking for some tandoor chicken recipes, I happened upon a video where a guy built his own tandoor oven using clay flower pots. http://www.simplenick.com He was even cooking his naan bread on the inner walls of the clay pot. I was hooked and decided to make it a little Saturday project. I will be posting a recipe I used for the inaugural burn.

The tandoor oven is a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. Think wood fired grill but instead of putting your protein on the grill grates you use long skewers and put them in the fire letting them cook without touching anything. The protein gets little crusty edges but remains juicy and tender.

I bought the biggest pot I could find but I wish it was deeper. Then I found another pot that would fit nicely in the bottom of my largest pot with the center holes aligning. As an extra safety precaution I added a pot base with holes on the outside to feed the fire with air but not let the ashes fall out of the bottom.

For cleaning convenience I bought a little bucket that could be lifted in and out of the “oven”. That way I could get the fire going and then lower it into the base and then when completed burned out, I would pull it out to clean in it.

For the last pot that goes over the top of the second pot you will need to get a saw and cut the “lid” or opening.
I used a dull saw and snapped a piece on my final cut. I also added washers and a bolt as a handle so I could open and close the oven. Fill the largest pot with river rock, lava rock etc… This will act as insulation and keep the pots hot. Mine got up to 700 degrees by using oak lump charcoal.

If I dont find a bigger, deeper pot I will start using my smaller skewers that have a loop on the end. I will then hang those from one that sits across the opening. I will put a little notch to keep the main skewer steady. I will take a picture next time I fire up for a visual of what I am talking about.



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