Mango Banana Ginger Smoothie

Mango Banana Ginger Smoothie

Given my age, I am fairly late to the Mango and Passion Fruit game. The first mango I ever ate wasn’t that ripe and pretty fibrous. If you haven’t dabbled into the mango scene I really encourage you to consider this time of year. The cost when you consider some of the other fruits is really great too. I can’t get enough of them now. Sure I like a perfect peach, crisp apple, tart plumb etc…but when you get a perfectly ripe mango they are hard to resist. I buy them by touch. They have to be a little soft and give a little when you grip it. If it is rock hard put it back.

So I loaded up on mangoes and went on a few trips so when I returned I needed to eat them fairly quickly so I decided to make a weekend late lunch smoothie. In my freezer I keep ripe bananas and grated ginger so naturally wanted to incorporate them into my smoothie. I thought the ginger would give it a bit of zip. I also added about a tablespoon or two of both cottage cheese and greek yogurt. I blended it up smooth with some ice to keep it cold. It’s pretty thick so if you like a thinner smoothie add some orange or apple juice and less cottage cheese.


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