Happy 2017! (18 days late)

My last post was June 2016. Frankly, I just didn’t feel like posting much this past summer and fall. While I don’t write much on my posts I find it more laborious than rewarding. Even my photography was getting stale, and I love photos.

I have been cooking a bit and certainly busted out a killer Thanksgiving spread but was spared from cooking during Christmas. I seem to always want to make more and more stuff and it gets out of hand. The feedback from those feasts is worth the labor and planning.

There is a great series on NetFlix called “Cooked”. Author Mike Pollan explores various aspect of cooking from the themes Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. He gives a sort of history of various cultures and how the invention of fire, pots, fermentation, bacteria, stews and air changed food forever. It was pretty inspirational to think about how far our foods have deviated from their basic forms. Shortcuts come at the expense of nourishment. The idea is to consume as few ingredients as possible. For example, last night I made a simple marinara using only tomatoes, garlic, basil, and onion. Look on the label of a store-bought jar of sauce and it has 30 ingredients.

This year I am going to try to stick to the butcher, produce, and dairy sections of the grocery store and spend a little more time with the fewest amount of ingredients as possible.

One thought on “Happy 2017! (18 days late)”

  1. I can’t wait. I’ve tried to go more plant base cooking
    Interesting to say the least!
    Looking forward to your recipes, photos & stories!

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