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Chicken Curry Garden Stew

Chicken Curry Garden Stew

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy
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Chicken Curry Garden Stew
Indian food flavors are some of the most advanced and interesting in the world. A touch of curry can transform a chicken salad or even a deviled egg. Today is one of those chilly and dank days that is worthy of a hearty stew. Instead of a vegetable rich chicken soup, I am going to add some curry, soy, and coconut milk to make something a little different than the standard chicken stock or tomato based soup.

Add the veggies and amounts that you have on hand or that you suits your palate
2 air chilled free range chicken breasts
1 onion diced
4 diced celery stocks
4 diced carrots
cherry tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic minced
3 tbs of red curry paste
1 tbs of turmeric
1 cup chicken stock
1 can of coconut milk
1/4 cup tomato sauce
1 tbs Soy sauce
1 tsp Fish Sauce
Cayenne pepper
Dry Curry
Kosher Salt to taste
olive oil

1. In a large pot add your carrots, onion, and celery to some oil and the curry paste and heat to medium to have them sweat for 5-7 minutes.

2. Cube your chicken and add it to the pot to cook through and then add the rest of the vegetables. Stir for about 5 minutes to soften the broccoli up.

3. Pour in the chicken stock and coconut milk and season with the rest of the ingredients. About 5 minutes before serving, tear the basil and add it to the stew. Enjoy.

Happy 2017! (18 days late)

My last post was June 2016. Frankly, I just didn’t feel like posting much this past summer and fall. While I don’t write much on my posts I find it more laborious than rewarding. Even my photography was getting stale, and I love photos.

I have been cooking a bit and certainly busted out a killer Thanksgiving spread but was spared from cooking during Christmas. I seem to always want to make more and more stuff and it gets out of hand. The feedback from those feasts is worth the labor and planning.

There is a great series on NetFlix called “Cooked”. Author Mike Pollan explores various aspect of cooking from the themes Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. He gives a sort of history of various cultures and how the invention of fire, pots, fermentation, bacteria, stews and air changed food forever. It was pretty inspirational to think about how far our foods have deviated from their basic forms. Shortcuts come at the expense of nourishment. The idea is to consume as few ingredients as possible. For example, last night I made a simple marinara using only tomatoes, garlic, basil, and onion. Look on the label of a store-bought jar of sauce and it has 30 ingredients.

This year I am going to try to stick to the butcher, produce, and dairy sections of the grocery store and spend a little more time with the fewest amount of ingredients as possible.

J&J Mojito

J&J Mojito
There is a little joint in Cabo San Lucas that sells Cuban cigars and Cuban Rum Mojitos, it’s called J&J’s. They have only two small tables and two small leather chairs. When you breech the door you are punched in the face with the smoke and smells of freshly lit Cuban cigars.

Over to the right is a small little set up to make the most incredible Mojitos you will ever taste. They cram the shaker with a massive handful of mint, a tablespoon of minced ginger, about 1 to 2 tablespoons of Turbinado sugar. She pours in about a jigger of fresh lime juice and muddles it for a few minutes. Then you pick either 3 or 5 year Cuban Rum. She adds a touch of bitters and tops it with seltzer water. We got ours to go and wandered over to Gus’s Taco joint to enjoy some Mexican Street Tacos.

Below is my attempt to recreate the J&J Mojitos. The only difference is that I don’t have Cuban Rum.

Ingredients for 2 large Mojitos
Juice of 6 limes
5 jiggers of rum
2 tbs of turbinado sugar
1 tbs of minced ginger
Handful of fresh mint
two dashes of bitters
Seltzer water

Minutes Spaghetti and Meatballs

Minutes Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Minutes Spaghetti and Meatballs
Another pantry meal made in minutes but taste like it tastes like it was 4 hours. When I make meatballs I tend to freeze several for these special occasions where time is precious but I refuse fast food. Search my meatball recipe. For the sauce I simply took a jarred sauce and cranked it up by adding fresh basil, garlic and tomato sauce. I play around with spices and add Parmesan cheese.

Freezer can be your handy friend.

Homemade Tandoor Oven

Homemade Tandoor Oven

While poking around some sites looking for some tandoor chicken recipes, I happened upon a video where a guy built his own tandoor oven using clay flower pots. He was even cooking his naan bread on the inner walls of the clay pot. I was hooked and decided to make it a little Saturday project. I will be posting a recipe I used for the inaugural burn.

The tandoor oven is a staple in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. Think wood fired grill but instead of putting your protein on the grill grates you use long skewers and put them in the fire letting them cook without touching anything. The protein gets little crusty edges but remains juicy and tender.

I bought the biggest pot I could find but I wish it was deeper. Then I found another pot that would fit nicely in the bottom of my largest pot with the center holes aligning. As an extra safety precaution I added a pot base with holes on the outside to feed the fire with air but not let the ashes fall out of the bottom.

For cleaning convenience I bought a little bucket that could be lifted in and out of the “oven”. That way I could get the fire going and then lower it into the base and then when completed burned out, I would pull it out to clean in it.

For the last pot that goes over the top of the second pot you will need to get a saw and cut the “lid” or opening.
I used a dull saw and snapped a piece on my final cut. I also added washers and a bolt as a handle so I could open and close the oven. Fill the largest pot with river rock, lava rock etc… This will act as insulation and keep the pots hot. Mine got up to 700 degrees by using oak lump charcoal.

If I dont find a bigger, deeper pot I will start using my smaller skewers that have a loop on the end. I will then hang those from one that sits across the opening. I will put a little notch to keep the main skewer steady. I will take a picture next time I fire up for a visual of what I am talking about.



Grilled Chicken Lettuce Taco

Chicken Lettuce Taco

I grilled up three chicken breasts the other day (see Chicken Kale Salad) for some lunches this week. I had a salad yesterday so decided to go Mexican today. While at Central Market the other day a guy was handing out samples of a salsa called Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa . My wife brought a jar home and I tried it for the first time and it’s really great. All natural and organic with a lot of locally sourced ingredients. Very fresh and it reminds of La Taqueria in College Station ages ago.


Organic Free Range Chicken Breast
Organic unrefined Coconut Oil
Penzey’s Buttermilk Seasoning
Penzey’s Ruth Ann’s Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning (lemon peel, K Salt, Pepper, garlic, onion)
Smidge of Kosher salt

Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa
Avocado (1/2)
Lime Juice
Bibb Lettuce

I made the chicken the day prior and cut it up and served cold. Avocado sliced and diced with lime juice to keep from browning. Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa or anything that is organic, sugar and chemical free.
Assemble like tacos or fajitas.


Garlic Green Beans

Garlic Green Beans

Super easy and healthy green bean recipe where garlic, onions and butter help bring it all together.

Green Beans
6 cloves of Garlic
6 green onions
1.5 tbs of Organic Butter or Ghee

In a small saucepan put your minced garlic, diced green onions and butter/ghee and saute until soft. Add a pinch of Kosher Salt.
Cook your green beans by boiling them or steaming them until they are done to your liking. Then combine everything in a bowl and serve.


My “apocalypse ready” food stash took its second hit in two weeks.

My apocalypse ready food stash took its second hit in two weeks.

I envisioned fighting zombies or chaotic masses when our govt finally chokes us out by spending us into oblivion. Food, shelter, water and ammo were the plan to keep us out of harms way for a little while. Instead we were hit from inside the walls of our fortress. It only took friggin pantry bugs and a faulty compressor to smoke us out.

The first attack was from buying something from the store that had some type of pantry beetle in it. We don’t use much packaged stuff but I had stocked up over the years on beans, rice, pasta etc… We hadn’t opened the pantry in weeks so when we did we found a full on infestation of the little critters. We had to throw away everything (12 trash bags). We bought some containers and started reloading on our dry goods so we have a plan to avoid that issue in the future.

Yesterday we woke up and our fridge was kaput. Pulled it out, took it apart and by using youtube I was able to diagnose two possible issues. Replacing the relay and capacitor seemed doable but the compressor was out of the question. After several phone calls and appliance part stores I finally found the part in stock. I had to rewire some things because the replacement part wasn’t identical. Plugged it in and it seem to be working but then I heard the click and felt the compressor and it was too warm. Damn.. it was the compressor so I am on a waiting list to get it repaired.

All this to say, my posts might be light this week.



Flora Farms, Cabo

Flora Farms

We go to Cabo every year because we got roped into a time share.  The massage hooks me into those darn presentations every time.  Years ago we became “owners” despite our plan to say “no” to every question asked.   We actually love it but still suffer from a little shame from pulling the trigger on a time share.

Our 7 day routine is wake up, workout, layout, shower, dinner, drinks and jacuzzi.   Rinse and repeat.

We rent a car so dinners are when we go into to town and find spots to eat. We have our restaurant rotation down so kicking one off our rotation is always a tough call.

  • Nic San sushi – Sushi curry salad (dressing is amazing)
  • Edith’s  : fresh fish, table side ceasar salad, sipping tequila
  • Mi Casa: touristy sure but El Mole Pablano Chicken or the Conchinta Pabil are awesome.
  • J&J Habanos Fresh Mojito’s with Cuban Rum.
  • El Farallon’s fresh Ceviche, Margaritas and the view
  • Baja Brewing Company – local brews, music and bar food.   etc..

We decided to drive over to San Jose to check out Flora Farms and folks I can’t describe the place so check out the link.  It’s probably one of the coolest places I have ever been.    You drive out in the middle of nowhere on

Cabo Flora Farms (2)

“Frestela” Tequila Cocktail

Frestela Cocktail

This has been a “go to” cocktail in our house. We rightly named it by combining Fresca and Tequila. You can use any lemon lime, grapefruit soda.  Also you could also use Vodka or Rum.  We like the fizz.  Drinks like a summery soda but kicks like a goat.


3-4 fingers of tequila.
juice of one lime
1 can of Fresca (Peach last night)

Combine tequila and lime juice and top with Fresca and ice.