On the Shelf

Penzey Spices
Fresh spices that truly make a huge difference in flavor

Dukes Mayo
I am telling you this stuff is a game changer. If your store doesnt have it, buy it online at amazon.

Wickles Pickles
Addicting. If you are a pickle fan and enjoy spicy keep a jar or two in your fridge at all times. It’s my pickle.

Happy Tomato Salsa
Texas based Salsa start up. Fresh, organic, local and really tasty

Slap Ya Mama Spices
Discovered this stuff when I was researching Nashville spicy chicken craze. I use it often as a replacement to cayenne pepper

Tajin Spice
Fun mexican spice that brings a lime zip and sweetness along with chili powder.

Woody’s Smokehouse
Oddly attached to a gas station in Centerville Texas. They make great jams, pickled items, sauces, jerky, smoked meats and cheeses. Love the Jalapeno jam and pickled jalapenos.

Huy Fong’s Sriracha


Hell on The Red Salsa
I love this salsa. It’s really light, fresh and vinegary. I like their “Hot” version. I can eat about a tablespoon per chip.

Klein Brothers
A great one stop shop of many Texas made items from jams, pickled veggies, sweets, snacks and corporate gifts with a Texas flair.

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