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Henderson Whiskey


Made a run last week and Dallas,TX based Whiskey appeared on the shelves called Henderson. They had been in over the weekend to do a promotion and had a discount on their bottles so I picked one up. First off, I love the bottle shape and how small the label is which showcases the whiskey.

When I checked out the guy told me that this stuff has been flying off the shelves. He told me when the had the promo and were letting people try it they were picking up bottles which is always a good sign.

So last night I cracked the cork and enjoyed a glass. Folks this stuff is really smooth. If you are new to Whiskey and you think it’s too strong, cut your teeth on this stuff. Hints of vanilla and maybe cinnamon. Super clean and easy to drink. Frankly this one should be “neat” only in my opinion. It’s needs zero help and shines on its own.

Kudos to Henderson for putting out a really great Texas Whiskey.
http://www.hendersonwhiskey.com (basically not a website but more of an email submission but I am sure they are just getting fired up and focused more on the whiskey at this point.)

Ya’ll check them out.