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Mint “Jillep”

Please don’t tell me I misspelled Julep. while I am a horrible writer, I did that one on purpose to honor my wife.

Mint Julip

This is where the whiskey bug bit us. My wife, Jill, was at a librarian conference in New Orleans a few years ago. As she explained, she went to a party one night and they were handing out mint juleps to loosen up those stiff spines. One sip in… “where have you been all my life?” Hopefully she was talking about the drink.

We generally go weekly to a local watering hole and sit at the bar and eat. Ordered one up and loved it. I don’t like “sweet” drinks or sugar so I pulled back on the syrup and eventually just went straight whiskey. She on the other hand demands a sugar rim with her julep.

simple syrup ( 1:1 ratio ) Distilled water and turbinado sugar on the stove to dissolve the sugar. I actually put four sprigs of bruised mint to flavor my syrup.

Bourbon to Mint Syrup ratio 3:1
one splash of bitters over ice.