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Tequila Modelo Cocktail

Tequila Modelo Cocktail

Tonight I made the Drunken Pork Sandwich which you can see from the earlier post. The recipe required beer for the sauce and for the braising. My most often my “go to” beer is Modelo Especial. It’s crisp and smooth. So Jill and I enjoyed one while cooking and decide to make a cocktail with it.

When we go to the “store” or make “a run” on a Saturday they always have reps handing our samples. I am a softy so if I try it, I buy it. There are many of them that I really don’t want to buy but I appreciate the reps doing that work and dealing with mostly a-holes. Probably most want free booze while the rest treat them poorly. Well Jill got sucked into a dude selling Caymen Jack Margaritas. Little handcrafted bottles of blue agave margarita.

Typically I object to any pre-made anything cocktail. This one isn’t bad but we have had them around for a bit and I didn’t have enough limes to make a proper margarita. So I split one of the little bottles into two glasses. I added about an ounce of tequila to each glass. Then topped it with Modelo Especial, ice and a lime wedge.

Not too shabby. I really like whiskey, tequila in my beer. The familiarity of both present in one glass is fun. It’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup with the chocolate and peanut better but instead with booze.