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Jalapeno Margarita with Tajin rim

Jalapeno Margarita with Tajin rim


Cinco de Mayo requires Tequila or Mexican Beer. I made a copycat Mia’s Brisket Tacos the other night and wanted to enjoy with a margarita. I used jalapeno for my brisket but kept the tops, seeds and ribs and infused that heat into my simple syrup.

My simple syrup uses organic sugar so it’s caramel in color. I also don’t go as heavy on the sugar so my simple syrup ratio is about 2:1 water over sugar. I love Tajin seasoning because while it has some chili flavor it also brings a nice lime tang to it. So I rimmed my glass with it.

Take your favorite tequila and mix in fresh juiced limes, the jalapeno simply syrup to your portions. We go heavy on tequila and use the simple syrup and lime juice in equal parts.

Lettuce have Fish Tacos

Spicy Fish Tacos
Most often when you think of fish tacos you can picture a chewy tortilla, some cheese and often battered fried fish with some lovely sauce. This isn’t that type of fish taco. No dairy, no tortilla and no batter. I probably went a little too spicy on the fish so I will back it down from burnt hell for this post.
Fresh Fish (cod, snapper, tilapia)
Dusting of chili powder, salt, cumin and Slap Ya Mama
Green onions (whites and light greens)
2 cloves of garlic
splash of white wine

Tajin seasoning
2 tsp of lime juice

Shredded carrots
Green Onions (green parts)
Happy Tomato Salsa
Bibb or Butter lettuce

Prepare your lettuce, carrots, and guacamole. For the guacamole mash up your avocado with lime juice, cilantro, and Tajin spice with a touch of Salt. Taste and adjust accordingly.

For the fish dust with seasoning. In a medium heated pan add a pat of butter with green onions and then your fish. Press a garlic clove or two on top of the fish and on the turn add a splash of white wine. Cut into pieces for serving.

WW Tequila Lime Tajin Chicken

WW Tequila Lime Tajin Chicken

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: easy
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WW Tequila Lime Tajin Chicken


Wanted to make my corn salad and decided to make a tequila lime chicken to compliment it and to also cut some calories. Skimmed my Weight Watchers recipe pile and had one similar to this that claims 4 points. Simple chicken recipe that is spicy, sweet and tangy.
2 chicken breasts
2 limes juiced
1 shot of tequila
2 tbs of Ancho Chili powder
2 tbs of Tajin Seasoning
Pinch of cumin
Squeeze of honey

Marinade the chicken overnight in a lime, tequila, saltwater, Ancho chili and one 1tbs of Tajin Seasoning. When ready to cook it mix the chicken breast in a bowl with honey and top with Tajin Seasoning and slices of lime. . Roast in a 400 degree oven for 40 mins or until done.

Mexican Lime Corn Salad

Mexican Lime Corn Salad

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: facil
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Grilled Corn Salad with Red pepper, lime, and Cotija
Summer corn is still in the market so I am trying to use as many summer veggies and fruits I can before they transition out of season. Love this salad.   The peppers with sweet corn and punch of lime juice, cilantro and Cojita cheese all harmonize like the Polyphonic Spree.
4 ears of fresh corn
1 red pepper (seeded and diced)
3 jalapeno (seeded diced)
Handful of torn cilantro
3 green onions
2 limes juiced
2 tbs of sour cream
Cotija cheese for topping
Sprinkle of Tajin Seasoning
Kosher salt and pepper to taste


Grill your corn until browned.   Cut it into a large bowl and add all the ingredients except the cheese and mix it well. Top with the cheese and serve (cold or warm).