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Amaretto Orange Margarita Cocktail

Amaretto Orange Margarita Cocktail


Tonight we made copy cat Chuy’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom enchiladas Chicken enchiladas topped with a cheesy and roasted pepper sauce. Naturally we thought of margaritas or at least using tequila. Jill was telling me one of your friends had an “Italian Margarita” that used some Amaretto liquor. I remembered that so decided to try it out.
Now I didn’t have any limes left so departed from a true margarita by adding Ginger Ale.

It turned out great. I liked it because it wasn’t too sweet but yet the amaretto sort of added that special sweet note without the sugar. Hope that makes sense.

Ingredients (2-3 cocktails)
4 oz of Tequila
2 oz of Disaronna
1 can of ginger ale or sprite.
1 squirt of Agave
2 oz of Orange Juice

Mix everything but the Ginger Ale or Sprite in a blender with ice. Blend well and pour into a glass and top with Ginger Ale or Sprite and then stir it in and enjoy.


Cervaquila Cocktail

Tonight we had classic cheese enchiladas but we were torn with a pairing drink. Beer or margarita? Why not both. It’s a popular trend in TX to see a frozen margarita with a Corona sitting upside down in it. It slowly releases beer as you drink your margarita.

I cut the sugar and simply poured a beer added a shot of tequila and squeezed a lime in it. Excluding the sugar from the margarita enhances the beer tastes.


Pretty in Pink Tequlia Cocktail


We enjoyed some Chicken Tacos Al Pastor so tried to come up with a margarita type cocktail. We had grapefruit and Hibiscus tea left over from our party so came up with this little number.

3-4 fingers of Tequila
2 fingers of fresh grapefruit juice
2 fingers of hibiscus tea
juice of 1 lime
topped with seltzer and ice
You could add simple syrup or agave syrup if you want it sweeter. We like the tequila to come through without the sweet cover up.

Tequila Sangria Zinger Cocktail

Tequila Sangria Zinger Cocktail
Bobby Flay made a similar cocktail that looked good and refreshing. He used hibiscus zinger tea but I went with Celestial’s Mixed Berry Zinger. This was fantastic due to all the fresh fruit paired with the tea and tequila. It wasn’t overly sweet and drinks like a lightly sweetened tea or margarita.

4 cocktails:
10 oz of blanco tequila
2 oz orange liquor
2 cups of Herbal tea
1 orange
1 lime
1 lemon
Fresh pineapple
Fresh mint
Lemon lime soda or seltzer

Take your lime, lemon and orange and slice a few slices and put them in a pitcher. Juice the remaining into the same pitcher. Make a batch of tea using 2 cups of boiling water and two tea bags. Steep for 6 mins or until the desired intensity. Ice the tea to cool it down and slightly dilute. Add your tequila and stir in the pitcher mashing up your fruit. We were going to top with seltzer but didn’t have room so we went plain.

Definitely made our rotation and I will experiment with different teas and liquors. Enjoy responsibly.


Agave Way Cocktail

Agave Way Cocktail

Agave Way Cocktail
Agave Way Cocktail

Created by New Mexico barman Chris Milligan. Just another way to celebrate the Hatch Green Chili.
Wasn’t sure how Jill would enjoy the roasted chili in her cocktail but we just used a ring of roasted Hatch Chili and it didnt take over the drink at all. The grapes also give it a fruity punch.

5 black grapes
ring of roasted hatch chili
juice of 1 lime
½ ounce of dark agave syrup
3 ounces of tequila

Muddle the grapes, chili, lime juice and syrup. Add tequila and ice and shake. Pour and enjoy.

Agave Way Cocktail
Agave Way Cocktail

“Frestela” Tequila Cocktail

Frestela Cocktail

This has been a “go to” cocktail in our house. We rightly named it by combining Fresca and Tequila. You can use any lemon lime, grapefruit soda.  Also you could also use Vodka or Rum.  We like the fizz.  Drinks like a summery soda but kicks like a goat.


3-4 fingers of tequila.
juice of one lime
1 can of Fresca (Peach last night)

Combine tequila and lime juice and top with Fresca and ice.